The Great War - SummaryEdit

The Great War was a conflict that took place around 5,000 years ago. The rulers of the five regions lashed out at each other in an attempt to control the world. They had fought for land and power, each seeking to control the other regions and eliminate their rulers. They quickly realized that their war was destroying the world, and they signed a temporary peace treaty, to keep the world they desired to rule intact.

However, the kings were annoyed by the presence of uncontrolled land, and they soon were marching upon the central island, the last peace of land that remained free from the rule of the five kings. The kings were prepared to fight each other for the land, but they weren't prepared to fight the natives of the island: The Wastelandians. The central island that the fight was over, was infact, the Wasteland.

Beaten back by the Wastelandian's control over the Pokemon, the kings retreated, defeated. Each one then sought out the origins of the magic that allowed the the Wastelandians to control the Pokemon. They found it, and used it for themselves, and marched upon the Wasteland once more, this time, with the Pokemon Deities enslaved.

The power of the Pokemon Dieties in battle caused cataclysmic events across the world. Massive floods and hurricanes coupled with volcanic eruptions and unprecidented earthquakes shook the world as the battle raged. But still, the battle against the Wastelandians was in vain, for the Wastelandians were victorious, and this time, they locked the magic to control Pokemon away, saving the world from destruction.

The five kings, Kemnebi of Kanto, Acknadin of Johto, Nadar of Hoenn, Xavier of Sinnoh, and Stellin of Unova tried to unlock the magic and use it once again, but they failed in their attempts, except for Xavier. Xavier was able to harness the power of Pokemon once again, and soon the deities were once again in his control. He declared war on the world, and his armies, one by one, took the seperate regions piece by piece. With the world in his grasp, all that stood in Xavier's way was the Wasteland.

He marched upon it with a vengeance, but when victory was in his grasp, a member of the royal court, The Guardian of Legends intervened, using her supreme abilities to free the ancient dieties, defeat the armies of Xavier, and lock away the magic to control Pokemon forever. The damage from the battle was done, and the world was rocked by natural disasters, killing millions. In the battle, the Wasteland was left and ruins with very few survivors, Xavier himself was seen falling to his death as the bridges that once connected the Wasteland with the regions collapsed beneath the king's feet (he does survive using his incredible dark magic).

The few survivors of the attack fled the Wasteland, and lived amongst the region people as refugees, eventually their bloodlines would merge with that of the region peoples. Few Wastelandians kept their bloodline pure. It is later revealed by Q103 (a servant of King Xavier in the future) that Rose, Talkon, Jora, Emma, Anthony, and Alex are all descendants of the royal family, the royal court of the Wastelandians, or are in the bloodline of the kings who started the Great War.