The Arceus Saga is a short, five page, seven part story which takes place in the Wasteland. The Arceus Saga is also the first story of the Wasteland. The story starts out like many other Wasteland stories do. Due to a terrible sandstorm and the efforts of a pack of Mightyena, the Unova bound plane is sent plummeting to the earth below, a battle quickly raging in the skies between aerial predators, only to have the fight quickly change to the pack of hungry carnivores below.

However, this Wasteland story has a unique twist to it, one which will influence the Wasteland from here on out. This story introduces the awesome conspiracy to raise Arceus for the creation of a new planet, forcing the creation of Rose, Guardian of Legends, a reoccuring character in the Wasteland.


  • Anthony Von Hertzon: Playing the role of Rose and the Wasteland
  • Seven: Playing the role of Shichi (A character which is seen in a later story)
  • Orange: Playing the role of Orange and Edward
  • ZeedragonXP: Playing the role of XP
  • Ethan: Playing the role of Ethan (Ethan was only there in the beginning)


The prologue just consists of introducing the current situation. The plane is flying through a massive sandstorm, with hurricane force winds, and they're struggling to stay aloft. Then, of course, on the ground where it isn't quite so fierce, there is a hungry pack of Mightyena, waiting to hyperbeam the plane out of the sky. This prologue was supposed to be a maintained standard for all the Wasteland stories, however, this standard fell apart when the Wasteland was moved to MMC and an entirely new Prologue was used for one of the Wasteland stories on Qbone: Flight 198. The prologue also has changed over time due to various editings of the prologue for stories to follow, the original prologue was much longer then the one currently presented, and more in-depth, unfortunately, it has been lost.

Current Prologue for The Arceus Saga:Edit

"A pack of mightyena were running through the hot sand of the land known as, The Wasteland when they saw a plane, high in the skies, having a great deal of trouble staying in the air. The fierce sandstorms of The Wasteland were blinding the pilot's vision and tearing the plane apart, literally. The storms that day had been particularly fierce, providing hurricane force winds the higher you were in the sky. The lead mightyena growled and did what was equivalent of a smile, fresh meat."

Chapter 1: BeginningsEdit

The chapter starts out from Ethan's point of view, and it immediately leaps into the disaster. The plane is being ripped apart by deadly hyperbeams from below and the sand storm is whipping the plane from left to right, basically, it's going down. Flight attendants scream to jump with parachutes provided or on the backs of flying Pokemon. Ethan makes a quick exit, and soon finds himself in the middle of a hairy battle on the ground, fighting off a pack of Mightyena, his Salamence at his side.

Ethan soon revealed Typhlosion, Sceptile, and Swampert as the rest of his Pokemon, performing excellent combos to keep the Pokemon at bay. Then, in the midst of the battle, MASSIVE Tyranitar make an appearance, the biggest of the group standing at fourty feet tall. The Tyranitar provide a significant menace, but luckily Shichi (written by Seven) makes his appearance.

Shichi starts off by using his Vileplume to put the Mightyena to sleep, escaping with his life and saving the lives of several other passengers, for now at least. He rushes out, but some of the Mightyena have recovered, and they're hot on his heels. The Tyrantitar at this point are heading towards the wreckage, and the Gliscor residing in the air are coming down to hunt. Right now with very few trainers up and fighting it looks like the Wasteland is about to get them all, but with more of Shichi's clever tricks, and the appearance of Orange, hope lives on. Shichi and Orange appear to have some past relationship, though more of this doesn't become clear till later chapters. Eventually, Orange's wailord falls from the sky and crushes the Mightyena and Gliscor, the Tyranitar decide to hunt elsewhere, and night falls upon the Wasteland, bringing the horrible nighttime predators with it such as: the Cacturne.

Chapter 2: NightEdit