Introducing the Story ProjectEdit

The Story Project is a project dedicated to summarizing the various stories that have been written whilst RPing in the Wasteland. This means, all the different RPs that have happened. This will be easier to do with completed ones, as they have been broken up into chapters, but uncompleted ones, have not yet been broken up, and thus, should be avoided. So more specificically, this project aims to summarize completed Wasteland RPs.

Current Completed RPs:Edit

Status of the ProjectEdit

Currently, only a page for The Arceus Saga, exists, and it isn't that far in the making.

What YOU Can do to HelpEdit

The most basic part of the project, would be to set up the page for the story, which, at this point would just be Flight 194's page. However, summarizing a chapter, or many chapters for the story, creating an overview summary, creating a list of characters involved, list of obstacles involved, list of Pokemon who made an appearance, ect. ect.