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Early LifeEdit

Rose was born and raised in Alto Mare. She lived with her parents, and her older brother Lyon. At an early age, Rose became obsessed with the two legendary heroes of the city - Latios and Latias. Rose was found many a day, searching the library on information on the two legendary Pokemon. When she became of age, she left home with her older brother and traveled the Pokemon World searching for Latios and Latias.
Rose young

Rose - Age 12, on her search for Latias

Quest for LatiasEdit

Rose's Latias based escapades eventually lead her to discover the Soul Cave, a cave that can only be accessed by people who possess the Enigma Stone, an item they were able to obtain prior to leaving Alto Mare. Upon entering the Soul Cave, Rose and Lyon discovered Latias and Latios. The two legendaries immediately bonded with the two siblings. Latias and Latios deemed the two pure of heart, and became the partners of the children.

Return to Alto MareEdit

After years of searching for Latias and Latios, and then their escapades with the dragons, the two Pokemon Trainers finally returned home. Upon their return, Lyon decided he was going to fly to the region of Unova, where he would further his Pokemon journey. Rose was to join him in Unova later. She told him she wanted to stay home a little while longer, although that was a lie.

Rose had learned, throughout her journies and studies, that she was somehow connected to the Guardian of Legends, a being with immense power and guarded Legendary Pokemon from evil humans. At the time, she had no idea how deep her connection was, nor the full responsibilities of her new position, but with Latias by her side, she trained to enhance her psychic abilities, and became the Guardian of Legends.